Team Julie on Election Night

We Did It!

November 6, 2018
9:26 p.m.

We did it!

After twelve months of giving it everything we had, tonight we won a seat in North Texas that has been held by Republicans for over 40 years! We pushed the reset button in District 115 and affirmed what most of us have known for some time– Texans want their leaders to put people over politics.

You are the reason this historic win was possible.

Every time I asked for someone to knock on doors, you were there. When I needed financial support, you were there. You invited me and my staff into your homes; a deeply personal gesture that I will never forget.

Together, this campaign built a platform big enough to welcome anyone without their own to stand on. We gave voices to those who were muted by fear. That’s something I will always be proud of.

I would say that I can’t find the ways to thank you, but the truth is that I already know how I will. I will relentlessly pursue funding for our public schools. I will champion measures to ensure that every Texan can see a doctor when they are sick. I will work with anyone who has a good idea that benefits District 115 and I won’t hesitate to say no when an idea does not.

Most of all, my promise to you is that I will legislate without prejudice or malice and I will fight every day so that the Texas we leave behind for our children is measurably better than the one we inherited.

But business starts first thing tomorrow. Tonight, we celebrate.

I’ll be in touch soon,

Julie Johnson

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