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The stakes in this race are high.

Republicans want to take this seat back and our team won’t take anything for granted from now until November 3rd. Please share our campaign with all your neighbors, friends and family. Julie is doing her part, let’s do ours too.
Johnson, 54, has proven an effective legislator who’s willing to work across the aisle. She has co-authored numerous bills with Republicans, most notably HB3, the sweeping and crucial $11.6 billion school-finance reform bill signed into law last year by Gov. Greg Abbott.
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Every dollar counts.

Julie believes all Texans have the right to a quality education, affordable healthcare, and economic opportunity. We’re counting on you to help send Julie back to Austin so she can fight for those opportunities for every Texas family. Will you start by by making a contribution to her campaign for Texas House District 115 today?

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The more hands we have on deck, the more voters we will be able to reach.

We’ve got hundreds of thousands of doors to knock and phone calls to make with only a little time left to do it. We’re fighting an uphill battle in Texas, but we can see the finish line ahead of us and we’re not slowing down to catch our breath. The more hands we have on deck, the more voters we will be able to reach. Will you commit to volunteering between now and November? From blockwalking to phonebanking, to hosting an event or registering voters, we need your help.

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We’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Can I count on you?

The reality is, none of this comes free. Donating $15 today will help us launch the digital ads we need while campaigning in a pandemic. I hope that I can count on you to be there with us.
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