ENDORSEMENT ALERT: TEXPAC, the Texas Medical Association’s bipartisan political action committee that helps elect medicine-friendly candidates at the local, state, and federal levels, has officially endorsed our campaign!

“Julie Johnson is passionate about health care and, if elected, will ensure the people of Texas are represented in the best way possible by voting down bad bills. On the other hand, her opponent, Rep. Matt Rinaldi, has consistently voted against medicine in past legislative sessions,” said TEXPAC Chair Robert Rogers, MD. “Julie supports population health care initiatives and will work for accurate and fair compensation by insurance providers for services rendered,” Dr. Rogers said. “She has already proven willing to have an open dialogue with local physicians and act on their concerns. She also supports graduate medical education funding to retain and train new physicians in Texas. She is the spouse of a physician and is deeply involved in the medical process on a day-to-day basis,” Dr. Rogers said. “For these reasons and more, TEXPAC is pleased to back Julie Johnson as an important voice for our patients.”

The support from a bipartisan and well respected group like TEXPAC is an indicator that the momentum is on our side. Regardless of what party affiliation you have, we all deserve proper medical care when we’re sick. I’m proud that the physicians of Texas chose me as their advocate in the legislature. #PeopleOverPolitics #TXlege

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