Despite massive budget cuts, House District 115 has some of the highest performing public schools in Texas. Coppell ISD is a participant of the Texas High Performance School Consortium. It’s why we’re a public school proud community.

So why does Matt Rinaldi fight so hard for school vouchers?

West Texas oilman Tim Dunn and Texas’s very own version of the Koch brothers, Dan and Farris Wilks of Empower Texans, told him to.

Corporations like theirs stand to make a healthy profit on school voucher systems. They cry that “Free Market Education” is the key to staying competitive economically while billions of taxpayer dollars are spent with no comprehensive evidence of increased academic performance.

Last month we saw first hand how well that messaging worked in Coppell. Matt, Empower Texans, and their whole slate of municipal candidates lost by over 30 points. The results from Tuesday’s runoffs were even further proof- Texans are rejecting the notion that profits are more important than people.

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