We Can Invest in Our Schools and Lower Property Taxes.

Here's How:


School district and healthcare taxes are the largest drivers of our rising property taxes.
Despite sitting on a multi-billion dollar Rainy Day Fund, the state provides less funding for public schools than it did 14 years ago.
Republicans have refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, leaving over $10 billion a year on the table.

Tap the Rainy Day Fund and expand Medicaid and we can support our schools and improve healthcare while reducing the pressure on rising property taxes.


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“I’ve stared down injustice and gone toe-to-toe with the crooked and powerful, because when Texans are on the line, I’ll never back down.”


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Education Financing

Texas clearly does not spend enough per student. Your education shouldn’t be determined by where you’re born in our state or how much your parents’ property is worth-if they have any property at all. Read more.

Responsible spending

We need to talk about how we are spending resources; millions of dollars have been taken away from our women’s health care network and re-assigned to ideological groups with no oversight. This has created waste and an additional burden on public hospitals and emergency rooms. We must save money and reallocate. Read more.

Criminal justice reform

Bail bond reform is a top priority. It is completely unjust to jail people for being poor and it is fiscally irresponsible. The aims of any future reforms by our legislature should be focused on accountability for police, citizens, defendants, prisoners and the families of prisoners alike. Read more.


Cities should be allowed to have open debate about raising the minimum wage and not fear overarching obstruction from those in Austin. Read more.

Local Control

Republican statewide leadership has attacked local control. SB4 is one of the most dishonorable and ineffective pieces of legislation that has passed through the chambers of our state legislature. Read more.

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“Her knowledge of the issues, dedication and life experience make her the superior nominee…” Dallas Morning News


Julie believes all Texans have the right to a quality education, affordable healthcare, and economic opportunity.

We’re counting on you to help send Julie to Austin so she can fight for those opportunities for every Texas family. Will you start by by making a contribution to her campaign for Texas House District 115 today?

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